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Efficient Direct Mail for Land Flipping Success

Land flipping is a lucrative strategy in the real estate business that has recently gained quite a bit of momentum. It offers a rewarding way to make money and contribute to property development and urban growth. But earning the maximum perks the method offers requires careful research, due diligence, and market analysis. Additionally, you need to use several marketing strategies to find unmotivated sellers and close deals quickly and successfully.

One of the most effective strategies for land flipping is direct mail marketing. Direct mail for land flipping allows investors to target personalized buyers or sellers with personalized messages, attracting them to consider lucrative land opportunities and maximize profits.

Direct mail for land flipping
Direct Mail Services

Get Success With Land Flipping Direct Mail Services

For exquisite land flipping direct mail services, you can vouch for us. The personalized messages we send through letters to your prospects intend to make a lasting impression on them. Unlike typical junk mail that often gets ignored, our mail-merged letters are purposefully crafted to capture the recipient's attention.

There exist numerous compelling reasons to opt for our dependable land flipping direct mail services:

Amplify effectiveness and influence with our range of predesigned direct mail letters

Save time and enhance your direct mail for land investing campaigns with our 50+ pre-written letter templates. This will save you from the hassles of writing letters right from the beginning, all thanks to the ready-to-use templates available at your disposal. Additionally, you can easily customize any part of the letter to make it your own or add impact to your own text.

And that's not all! We are tirelessly working on increasing the existing collection. There are many more templates lined up that will soon be available, empowering you with a wide variety to choose from.

Letter Templates

Make ordering effortless with our user-friendly system

Our user-friendly system is designed to ensure an effortless experience for every user. All you are required to do is simply select your preferred letterhead, choose the body of your letter, and upload your recipient list. We will take it from there and handle everything.

flexible letterhead choices

Streamline your branding with our flexible letterhead choices

Take your brand to the next level by saying yes to the extensive collection of letterheads designed for real estate agencies. Our pre designed template will allow your personal information, logo, and portrait to auto-populate from your profile, ditching manual setup.

Alternatively, you can modify any letterhead element should you realize the need for customization. If you cannot find a solution for your real estate agency, fret not! We also provide an extensive range of letterheads that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Unleash the power of handwritten envelopes to maximize open rates

Another compelling reason to say yes to our versatile land-flipping direct mail printing services is that mailings are sent through handwritten envelopes. The ultimate intent behind this approach is to grab the recipient's immediate attention. Handwritten fonts help convey a sense of personalization and appreciation, something printed fonts cannot deliver.

Personalizing an envelope's appearance eliminates the junk mail look, augmenting their open rates substantially. Thus, embracing this strategy makes sense if you wish to make your message stand out and capture recipients' attention. Envelopes featuring handwritten fonts are the same price as those with standard fonts, allowing you to experience the virtues of handwritten appeal without straining your pocket.

handwritten font

Effortlessly craft your handwritten font

Did you know? By embracing our direct mail for land flipping services, you can even create your own personalized font or that of anyone else. This font can be utilized for several purposes, including addressing envelopes, adding handwritten notes, or even printing entire letters with a personal touch. Also, you may use it to print both delivery and return addresses.

To create your handwritten font, all you need to pay is $150. And if customization is not something you are looking at, the library of our 18 already existing handwritten fonts has you covered.

Enhance personalization with cancellation marks on your mail

It is common knowledge that regular first-class postage stamps typically receive cancellation marks from the Post Office, including the USPS facility name. However, Post Office cancellation marks are not included for discounted bulk mail using precanceled postage. The downside of direct mail for investors is that it can make your mail seem like mass or junk mail. Fortunately, as authorized by USPS, we can print cancellation marks to provide a personalized touch and distinguish your mail from generic bulk mail.

postage stamps

Genuine appeal with peel-and-stick postage stamps

To further minimize the "junk mail" impression, the recommendation is to use "peel and stick" postage stamps. While we also deal in meters or imprints, we generally refrain from employing them. For enhanced effectiveness, we advocate printing the return address and recipient's details directly on the envelope, avoiding the use of labels or window envelopes.

Unmatched flexibility by offering the lowest quantities in the industry

Our direct mail for land flipping services prioritizes every campaign with equal attention and care, irrespective of its scale. One of the pivotal reasons for our large client base is that we offer some of the industry's lowest quantity minimums, starting at just 50 pieces. This allows for easy execution of targeted and cost-effective campaigns, even with a smaller mailing list.

Minimum Order

Diverse paper and envelope choices are available

To cater to your needs, a diverse range of paper and envelope choices are up for grabs. And that's not all! We can also craft custom-sized envelopes with top-quality paper for a remarkable presentation that goes beyond expectations.

mailing services

Discover the convenience of Snap Pack mailing services

Another highlight of our land flipping direct mail services is "Snap Pack". Wondering, what's that?

It is a unique mailing method where a folded single sheet of paper replaces envelopes. Recipients can simply tear off the marked edges to open it, while personalization is ensured using mail merge. Snap pack mailings are designed to grab the recipient's immediate attention, thanks to their ultimate shape and layout, making it harder for people to ignore them.

Newsletter mailing

Reap the profits of Newsletter mailing

Introducing newsletter mailing, a part of our land investing direct mail services. Printed on a digital press, you can use mail merge or variable data to personalize each mailer for recipients by including their names or other relevant information from your mailing list. It seals the deal on highly targeted and customized direct mail pieces.

You can also include variable data on one or both sides of the newsletter. We would like to state here that since this product is not placed in envelopes, we prefer not to include personal or private information. Moreover, the newsletters are folded based on your chosen sheet and secured with two tabs.