Full-service 48-month USPS NCOALink. Note that some vendors are less expensive because they provide you with 24-month services, meaning they only search changes of addresses that have been filed in the past 24 months. Our search goes back 48 months.

  • Our search contains 4 years worth of individual, family, and business moves.
  • Address Standardization & CASS processing is also included as part of this service.
  • LACSLink (Locatable Address Conversion System)
  • Mailability score to identify and exclude incomplete and undeliverable addresses.
  • DPV (Delivery Point Validation). This service gives you a yes/no for checking the validity of any known individual house, apartment, Post Office box, rural box, mail drop, or commercial address that receives mail.

The United States Post Office requires that each NCOA customer complete an NCOA Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) before the NCOA service is performed. Upload a completed form with your list to be processed. You can see the USPS complete PAF guide here.

Your results will be emailed within one business day.

Your uploaded file must include the following in separate fields. We accept CSV, tab delimited or comma delimited formats.

  1. One individual's name. You can either give us the individual's name in one field, such as John Smith or Smith, John. You can't have two peoples name. You can also separate first/last/initial into separate fields.
  2. Company name if available
  3. Street address
  4. Street address 2 (optional), a second line such as Apt 101. This can be separated in Address2 or combined with Address 1.
  5. City
  6. The state must be abbreviated
  7. Zip, we only need 5 digits

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