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We specialize in creating custom letters that are designed to look more professional and less like regular junk mail. What makes us unique is our ability to print variable data, which means we can personalize the letters by using information from your mailing list. This includes adding dynamic graphics and layouts based on complex rules and formulas. Whether you need different text, graphics, or layouts for different versions of your letter, we can handle it all. 

Our approach is to use real postage stamps on every mailer instead of meters or imprints. Using meters or imprints is available, but we avoid it because it can give the impression of "junk mail." Making a strong first impression is essential in direct mail, which is why we use non-window envelopes to avoid a "junk mail" appearance.

Mail merged letters & mailing

1 to 3 sheet fully mailer merged 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 letters. Variety of sheets & envelopes available. Choose real postage stamps with handwritten fonts. Add business cards, inserts, and other marketing material to your letters. 

Yellow letters & mailing

Yellow letters are still one of the most cost-effective, personalized direct mail pieces you can use. They are commonly used by real estate investors but are well suited for a variety of industries.

Already mail merged letters & mailing

Mail merge your own letters and envelopes and let us print them in a variety of paper and envelope stocks. We’ll do all the production including mailing them for you.

Land Profit Generator letter

This letter printing package is specifically designed for Land Profit Generator members. Please see our complete line of letter printing packages if you require further customization than offered here. Utilizing the instructions on this page and the calculator on the right side, you can place the order yourself and get started immediately. If you are a first-time customer and you would like to utilize a more assisted approach, you can complete this form and one of our staff members will guide you thru the ordering process. Click here if you need help with Investment Dominator.

Snap pack mailer

This snap pack is a single sheet of paper that is folded and mailed without an envelope. This mailer is sealed using glue on the edges.

Mail merged letters (NEXT DAY)

1 to 3 sheet fully mailer merged 8.5x11 letters. Variety of sheets & envelopes available. Choose real postage stamps with handwritten fonts. Place your order today and have it mailed tomorrow. 

Letter printing & mailing under 50 pieces

This is a specially designed product that will allow you to mail 5 to 50 pieces of 1, 2, or 3 sheet letters. Refer to our other products if you need to mail a higher quantity.

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