The handwritten fonts below are usually used for addressing envelopes. They can be used for both the delivery and return addresses.  If you have different artwork for the return address on your envelope then the handwritten font can be used for just the delivery address only.  These fonts are printed larger to resemble natural handwriting, therefore be cautious when using longer names or two names on the same line (e.g. husband & wife). For the best possible appearance, we recommend a three-line delivery and return address on #10 envelopes, but we can accommodate up to a maximum of four-line delivery addresses. We suggest using 6x9 envelopes if you are using more than the recommended four lines. When placing your order you can choose the handwritten font number that you want to use on your envelope from the price calculator. To improve the appearance of the font we angle the lines so that the lines are not perfectly horizontal and also begin each line with a slightly different position. Doing this creates a handwritten font that appears more natural.

Presort postage is available for letter printing orders with handwritten fonts, but some fonts as indicated below cannot be used for presort-mail. Barcodes are required for presort class mail. But we will print your barcode at the bottom right corner of the envelope versus in the center of the envelope below the address so that it does not take away from the personal handwritten appearance of your mail piece.


Alphabet Samples