Non Profit Direct Mail To Maximize Fundraising

Whether you want to fundraise or inform prospects about your nonprofit organization, we have you covered. Our team of experts develops customized and impactful direct mail for nonprofits solutions. Helping you maximize your ROI and reach your target donors with personalized letters.

Our mission is to support your nonprofit fundraising campaign in a way that attracts new donors and maintains strong relationships with existing partners. Our one-stop direct mail and bulk mailing service provides comprehensive and flexible printing solutions at competitive rates. We are offering one of the cheapest non profit direct mail in the industry. But we never compromise on the quality part.


Custom Direct Mail Services for Nonprofits


Personalized Letters for Higher ROI

Our primary focus is printing and mailing personalized letters that deliver a higher return on investment. Also, play a pivotal role in amplifying your fundraising campaign's success. Unlike generic mailers like postcards and newsletters (though we also deal with them), personalized letters create a stronger emotional connection, motivate recipients to take action, and pave the way for a higher response rate.

Remittance Envelopes for Donation Collection

Remittance envelopes are included with each personalized letter to simplify the donation collection process. The sole purpose is to allow your donors to contribute effortlessly by enclosing their checks or credit card information. This provides a handy and secure method to support your fundraising cause via non profit direct mail.



Cost-effective solutions

We take pride in offering comprehensive non profit direct mail services at competitive prices with complete transparency. Unlike companies that hide pricing information, you can find the cost of our print letter service by simply visiting our website. You may also use our price calculator to customize your specifications and see the accurate total upfront cost. With us, you are assured of not experiencing any surprise charges or hidden fees—just trustworthy, honest pricing.

Small Order Envelopes

Non-window envelopes for a better open rate

When it comes to direct mail, first impressions truly matter. This is why we excel at using non-window envelopes. This helps to avoid the appearance of generic or junk mail. Significantly augmenting the likelihood of your letters being opened and read. By adopting this personalized and professional approach strategy, your non profit direct mail message will reach the recipient, leading to a higher engagement rate.

Small orders

The beauty of using our services is that we also specialize in taking small orders. This could be down to 50 pieces, something most vendors avoid. Whether running a targeted campaign or testing a new strategy, our flexible approach empowers you to embark on a small scale and scale up when needed. We help you in sealing the deal with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Authenticity with Real Postage Stamps

We go the extra mile to ensure the authenticity of your mailers by employing real postage stamps rather than imprints. This attention to detail emerges as a compelling approach to adding a professional and genuine touch. Simultaneously, helps build trust and credibility with your recipients. By prioritizing authenticity, the aim is to fortify your bond with supporters. Ensuring long-term engagement and continued contributions.

Additionally, we provide discounted nonprofit postage rates for all mailings as long as your nonprofit organization has the necessary Post Office authorization.


Customized jobs offering a variety of paper and envelope stocks

We also offer a wide range of customization options to fulfill your specific needs. It is worth mentioning here that the paper and envelope you use are the two critical elements in the appearance of your nonprofit direct marketing mail. The right paper can help your mail piece stand out and convey your message.

On the other hand, specially designed remittance envelopes allow donors to send back their contributions conveniently and securely. You can select the materials from our variety of stocks available that best represent your nonprofit's brand and image.



Why Choose Us?

A well-crafted, personalized, high-quality non profit direct mail is one of the most influential and unforgettable communications for generating fundraising revenue. Our team curates personalized and convincing custom mail pieces designed by our talented in-house designer to resonate with your audience's minds and hearts, inspiring them to come forward and be a part of the change!

Unlike other direct mail companies, our approach is to offer low-cost, high-quality personalized mail pieces that give voice to your fundraising campaign and spread awareness about your cause. Whether you want prospects to be aware of your fundraising campaign or are simply looking to fundraise, direct mail is the most impactful, touching, and inspiring method.