iti Direct Mail offers a wide range of data services. We offer custom-generated consumer and business marketing lists with hundreds of attributes, allowing you to effectively target the best possible audience by producing a highly targeted mailing list that is much more likely to give you a higher ROI than a general mailing list. We also offer data entry and de-duplication services, which can save you money by removing duplicates from your mailing list. Nobody wants to waste money on a direct mail campaign sent to the same person twice! Finally, we offer NCOA, which stands for National Change of Address. This service updates the mailing address for moved recipients, so you’re not mailing to the wrong addresses. Overall, we offer a suite of data services that can help you save time, money, and energy while optimizing your marketing efforts.

Business or consumer mailing list

Purchase a high-quality business or consumer list with many parameters to choose from.

Data entry services

Data entry services for your mailing list. Your list must be in a proper format to do a mail merge. If your list is on paper or in a format that is not split correctly, we can help.

NCOA Services

The NCOA services update your list to include the current change of address information for individuals and companies that have moved which can help reduce your undeliverable mail.

DeDuplication Services

Deduping is the process of eliminating duplicates from your list so each record is unique. This is commonly used for removing duplicates from a mailing list so you would mail to each record only once.

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