If we will be using a double window envelope for your order then the two yellow areas will show your delivery and your return address. You should not have any type of background or graphics enter into the yellow areas since they may show thru the windows. Place your merge fields approximately in the bottom highlighted area; we will re-position your merge fields to their correct location in the proofing process. Place your return address (including a logo if you have one) in the top yellow box. Make sure you have at least 1/8" clear space all around the yellow highlighted areas. We use a left margin of 1-1/8" for both address blocks - this is the margin area from the left side of your address block to the edge of the paper. Therefore, if you are using a 1" left and right margin, your address block is indented an additional 1/8" more (see below). You can not use handwritten fonts for this type of envelope due to the limited size of the window.

 This type of envelope can only support a maximum of the 4-line delivery address block in a typewritten font plus a barcode. If you are mailing using a non-presort postage class where a barcode is not required, then you can use up to a 5-line address block.  The address block includes name, company name (if you have one), address, city/state/zip, and barcode (if you are mailing presort).