iti Direct Mail provides comprehensive services to enhance and simplify your marketing endeavors. We are dedicated to ensuring your marketing game is a cut above the rest. Our custom services are designed specifically to create effective and personalized marketing to help expand your business. With various complex services to choose from, we can assure you that we can handle anything that most other vendors shy away from. From hand inserting marketing materials into your mailers to using custom design stamps to improve the authenticity of your mailers, we do it all. We even offer the unique service of creating a custom handwritten font from your own handwriting or using advanced graphic enhancement techniques to improve your photos. With these services, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and reduce the cost.


This service will re-proof an existing job.

Custom letter production

This product allows you to configure a custom letter printing/mailing package where your letters and envelopes have been printed separately.

Convert your handwriting to a font

This service will convert your handwriting into a font that can be used for a variety of purposes such as addressing envelopes or even printing entire documents with your handwriting.


Tabbing your mail pieces to keep them closed for mailing.

Manual stamp affixing

We can place any stamps either from sheets or rolls on your mailers.

No QR code

Prin no QR code on your letter. 

Additional postage

Ink jetting services

This service will print names & addresses ink black ink only on preprinted material such as postcards, self mailers or preprinted envelopes.

Hand inserting

This service will hand insert pieces that can not be inserted by a machine.

Machine inserting

This service will allow you to insert additional pieces into your envelopes.

Merged insert

This service will allow you to insert additional pieces that contain mail-merged information.

Graphics enhancement

Enhance the quality of your photos.

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