Offered programs

iti Direct Mail now offers reseller accounts, allowing businesses to expand their selection of products with direct mail services, including letter printing. By signing up for a reseller account, you can access a wide range of direct mail products to serve your customers better.

And if you are not eligible for a reseller account, you can join our affiliate program instead. By doing so, you can earn commissions on all your customers' purchases without limit, and we will handle all the customer support for you.

Please review the details of each program below.


Wholesale pricing for print brokers & resellers!

There are many companies out there that offer trade accounts on typical print products such as business cards, flyers, and postcards. But iti Direct Mail offers you a trade account on direct mail services and, most importantly, custom letter printing services! Our reseller accounts discount the following products:

  • Letter printing products, including yellow letters
  • Snap packs mailers
  • Digital postcard mailings that offer full mail merging on both sides of the card
  • Envelope printing
  • Newsletter printing & mailing
  • EDDM mailing

This program is only available to print brokers, small print shops, creative agencies, and similar companies in the printing industry. To see our discounted trade pricing, you must first apply and be approved for this program by applying here.



Discount coupons: We have a one-discount policy where resellers can opt to either use a marketing promotional discount being offered or their trade discount, but not both.

Required documents: You must provide your business license (such as DBA or Corporate registration information) or your sellers permit. You must have a web presence that clearly identifies that you are in one of the allowed industries for this program. For your reseller account to remain active, you must place at least one order per year based on your anniversary date.

Sales tax: Resellers outside California are not subject to CA sales tax. Our CA resellers must provide us with a completed California Resale Certificate to be sales tax exempt. Download the certificate from here.

Application process: The approval process for this program takes 1-3 business days, assuming all supplied information and documentation are complete and accurate. We will email you upon approval, and your trade account will be activated.

Click here to apply for a reseller account

If you are not in an "approved print industry," you can sign up for our affiliate program and receive an indefinite commission for all customer purchases who sign up under your affiliate account. To sign up for our affiliate program, click here. In our affiliate program, we do all the customer service, and you receive a monthly commission for ALL purchases your customers make.

Click here to become an affiliate